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Masspap Oy is a Finnish family owned company with a long history focusing in agency and distribution business for chemical wood processing industry in Finland. Masspap office and warehouse is located in South East Finland, in Kouvola, close to many of our customers.

Masspap sells products and services to Finnish pulp-, paper- and board mills. Product portfolio of Masspap ranges from stock preparation to sheet cutting and everything in between in the paper making process. Products Masspap sells include i.e. machinery, systems, consumables and special industrial cleaning services.

Masspap is a well-known and trusted partner among our customers and our staff is more often seen in the field helping customers than at the office. Our goal is to make our customers’ life as easy and trouble free as possible, by serving them with top class products and services proactively.

Our insight, knowledge and vision has kept the business successful even during recessions and difficult times in paper industry.